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1 Full size vegan piroshkies (feeds 1/2 - 1 persons) - Piroshkion3rd

Restaurant Bakery Cafe

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Flavortown at Piroshki on 3rd (now called Pinoyshki).

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Sun: 8:30am-2:30pm

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Thur-Sat: 8:30am-6pm

714 East Pike St suite J, Seattle, WA 98122

(Please note we are actually on 715 Pine St between Boylston Ave and Harvard Ave)

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Had turkey with cheese and an Americano. So delicious and want to try the soups like Borscht and all the other types of Piroshki in the future.

Yelp Reviewer Jonathan S.

So good! I had one for breakfast while I was in the area for Jury Duty and it was so good I had to go back and get 2 more to take home and "share" with family. I think my favorite one was the spinach, egg & cheese. And the people are wonderful!

Google Reviewer Lori Thom

The secret of this place is the incredible traditional food they prepare, along with the piroshkis they sell. Wonderful cabbage rolls! And poppy seed filled pastries. These items are hard to find anymore. Support these cooks!

Yelp Reviewer Daria M.

I just love this place, management is kind and fair, the food is to die for and the atmosphere is like a coffee shop (they also sell coffee). I've tried piroshkis from other restaurants but none have as much love cooked into them as this place.

Google Reviewer

Classically delicious. This bread is so soft and fluffy I want to dance inside it as it is dancing on my tastebuds.  really though this is bomb. Broccoli cheese is where it's at. Fresh, hot and very tasty. So different from the one at the market. The bread is full and soft not flat and flaky... I love both but this is just as delicious!!

Yelp Reviewer Rose W


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