Dear cherished friends and first-time visitors,

We're thrilled to share the news of our bakery's move to Capitol Hill and can't wait to welcome you at our new location

After over a year of preparation, we're delighted to announce our soft opening, operating normal business hours. This period will allow us to fine-tune our operations before we announce a grand opening shortly after.

If you're yet to discover the delights of our bakery, we encourage you to get a sneak peek through our videos here. We're particularly proud of our unique offering, the Pinoyshki, a name we chose to reflect our special fusion of Filipino and East European culinary traditions. Along with the Pinoyshki, all the treats you've grown to love, including our vegan options, will be waiting for you. Plus, we'll be gradually introducing some delightful new additions.

Our new bakery has been lovingly crafted from the ground up, boasting high ceilings, a flood of natural light, and a tranquil spot where you can observe our skilled bakers in a more peaceful corner of Capitol Hill. Whether you're looking for a spot to enjoy a full meal, grab a quick bite, immerse yourself in a book, or focus on your laptop, our bakery will provide the perfect ambiance.

We're eagerly anticipating your visit to our Capitol Hill location!

With warmest regards,


P.S. Oh yes, almost forgot to mention! Our new address on Capitol Hill is 715 East Pine Street in the Capital Hill area of Seattle, WA, between Boylston Ave and Harvard Ave.